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Welcome to SECT CrossFit

We are a fitness community that is committed to self-improvement and the daily pursuit of overall better health. We believe that fitness is a life-long endeavor that requires continuous education and an unwavering dedication to improvement.  If you're tired of the regular gym scene, not seeing results from your training, or looking to get back in shape, then let SECT CrossFit help you in your quest for better health and fitness!

Workout Of The Day

  • Thursday - 041714

    A. Every 4 min. x 3:

    Run 600m @ 80-85%

    B. "DT"

    5 rounds AFAP:

    12 Deadlifts

    9 Hang Power Cleans

    6 Push Jerks/Push Press

    L1 = 65/95 lbs.

    L2 = 95/135 lbs.

    L3 = 135/185 lbs.

    6pm class:

    A. Back Squat - 5x3 (+5 lbs.)

    B. Strict Press - 5x3 (+5 lbs.)

    C. "Helen"

    3 rounds AFAP:

    Run 400m

    21 Russian KB Swings, 35/53 lbs.

    12 Pull-Ups

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